Tellos Prologue 1-B

Comic Book by Dynamic Forces, Dec 01 1999
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Tellos Prologue 1-B by Dynamic Forces
Tellos Prologue 1-B by Dynamic Forces


Cover Price:$.00
Publish Date:DEC 01 1999
Sale Date:JAN 12 2000
Caption:Gold Foil Cover 1/3000

Item Biography

Malesur, Koj, Serra, Jarek and Oge K'tion only appear in the sketch section.

*Featuring the first appearance of Hawk [sic] and Rick [sic] in a tale that takes place before Tellos #1! Look for a wild, raucous tale with the same fast pace as Tellos #1! As well as maaaaybbbbbeeeee a few familiar faces along the way!

Tellos! One of the hottest comics in the market today by the team supreme of Todd Dezago and Mike Wieringo! This book has been flying off the shelves, issues #1 & #2 have sold out everywhere, and Dynamic Forces has been extremely fortunate to be working with these two exceptional creators on this exclusive story!

The comic features an exclusive story to Dynamic Forces not available anywhere else starring the incredibly popular cast of Tellos characters! It also features character concept sketches and bios of Koj, Serra, Jarek, Hawk and Rich not to be found anywhere else! Plus an interview with creators Mike Wieringo and Todd Dezago! Wait 'til you see this book! This comic ROCKS! *Source: Dynamic Forces ad, Tellos #7


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