Nexus (2007) 100-A

Comic Book by Rude Dude Productions, Jan 01 2008
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Nexus (2007) 100-A by Rude Dude Productions
Nexus (2007) 100-A by Rude Dude Productions


Cover Price:$4.99
Publish Date:JAN 01 2008
Sale Date:FEB 27 2008

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"Space Opera, Act Two: Riot on Concourse D!"

*Rude Dude Productions is proud to announce the release of Nexus #100, the landmark issue to beat them all, is at last ready for solicitation.

What’s all the fuss about in the long awaited, oversized edition of Nexus 100? In addition to the 23-page main story feature...

"The History of Nexus" by Bill Baker

*A brand new 12-page feature, “The History of Nexus” by Bill Baker. See how it all began! Early, previously unseen Nexus art! The crew from all 3 Nexus publishers tell all! Readers new and old to Nexus will find this feature an invaluable resource for decades to come.

"When She Was Young, Part 2" featuring Sundra

Senators Millicent Malachi and Eeyor Sinnick's appearances are based on Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy, respectively.

*Nexus 100 contains the first fully-painted Steve Rude art ever done for a comic story! “When She was Young,” Part II, an eleven-page Sundra Peale story that takes place at the beginning of Sundra’s career and reveals her first meeting with the notorious and treacherous—ah, long time fans will guess! But for now we’ll keep you in suspense! Baron and Rude consider this a thought-provoking piece of graphic literature with all their usual trademarks that marks their sense of what makes comics fun to read. *Source:


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