Tarzan (1972) 209-A

Comic Book by DC, Jun 01 1972
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Tarzan (1972) 209-A by DC
Tarzan (1972) 209-A by DC


Cover Price:$.25
Publish Date:JUN 01 1972
Content:CCA Approved



Item Biography

"Origin of the Ape-Man, Book 3: A Mate for the Ape-Man"
Continuing the adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' novel "Tarzan of the Apes."

Tarzan defeats Kerchak to become leader of his tribe. Not long after, a ship arrives, bringing a group of crude sailors and a group of Britons, including William Clayton, Professor Archimedes Porter, and his daughter, Jane, who are looking for the remains of Tarzan's parents. The sailors mutiny, leaving the group stranded at Tarzan's cabin. Tarzan protects them from animal attacks, but soon after, Jane is kidnapped by Terkoz, who Tarzan had banished from his tribe. He rescues Jane, and the two share an embrace.

"Fight for Life"
Reprinted from the Tarzan newspaper strip originally published Sunday, January 10, 1932. A fire in the jungle drives a group of panthers to a small pond, and Tarzan battles them to save an antelope from becoming their prey.

"John Carter of Mars"
Continuing the adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' novel "A Princess of Mars."

John Carter has spent enough time with the Tharks to learn their language and history. Suddenly, a fleet of space ships attack. The Tharks shoot one down and gain a captive, a beautiful princess named Dejah Thoris. When her guards abuse her, Carter springs into action, killing them. His fate will now be decided by a tribunal, who will determine whether he lives or dies! The story continues in Weird Worlds #1.

"Tarzan of the Movies"
A short history of movies featuring Tarzan.


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