Gory Stories Quarterly 2.5-A

Comic Book by Shroud Publishers, Jan 01 1971
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Gory Stories Quarterly 2.5-A by Shroud Publishers
Gory Stories Quarterly 2.5-A by Shroud Publishers


Cover Price:$.50
Publish Date:JAN 01 1971
Caption:Digest Sized


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“Who do I talk to about dis ‘1-A’ hogsludge?”

Written and drawn by Steve Garris.

“Ronald’s Surprise Birthday”

Ronald Rabbit
Peter Pig

Written by David Clark.
Drawn by John Pound.

“Backwater Blues”

Angelfood McDevilsfood
Mr. Snoid

Written and drawn by R. Crumb
Reprinted from Kitchen Sink’s HOME GROWN FUNNIES No. 1, January, 1971.

“The Turd!”

The Turd
Mister Neetly

Written and drawn by Scott Shaw.

“Pictorial Parade Of Potties!”

Spotlights a variety of toilets “Presented by the Wonderful World of Water Closets”. There are all kinds such as one that is jewel-stuffed 14-karat and gold-plated, one with a built-in grandfather clock, an outer-space model, an ecology model, one for the Frustrated Writer, the Psychedelic Head and one they call "Twin-seat Toilet".

Uncle Creepy

Written and drawn by John Pound.

“Do-It-Yourself Monster Make-Up No. 147 – ‘The Wolfman’”

Written and drawn by John Pound.

“Too Far From Home”

A story that shows two werewolves (brother and sister) eating still-warm flesh. Being the last of their kind the brother believes that they need to reproduce to preserve the werewolves, despite they’re siblings. While he leads his sister into the forest a frantic father of a pair of children – Johnny and Diane Sherman, age five and four – reports his kids missing…

Mister Sherman

Written by Ken Krueger.
Drawn by David C. Weiss.

“Shroud Publishers: Purveyors Of The Macabre”

An editors note about this issue and an invatation to send in your comments to the publishers address.

Written by Ken Krueger.

“The Jolly Adventures Of Pete Pig And His Magic Hatband!”

Pete Pig

Written and drawn by John Pound.


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