Michael Turner's Fathom: Dawn of War 0-B

Comic Book by Aspen, Sep 01 2004
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Michael Turner's Fathom: Dawn of War 0-B by Aspen
Michael Turner's Fathom: Dawn of War 0-B by Aspen


Cover Price:$.00
Publish Date:SEP 01 2004
Sale Date:JUL 22 2004
Caption:San Diego Comic-Con Cover 1/2500


Item Biography

"In the Line of Duty"

*War is coming, and even the most innocent soul cannot escape the imminent destruction. High atop a secluded mountain range, a lone military outpost stands, distancing itself away from the world and guarding secrets unknown to most of mankind. For if man were to encounter these 'secrets', the events to follow would surely shake the earth to its core, and unleash a maelstrom of ruin never before seen in human history. Welcome to Fathom: Dawn of War #0, a completely brand new lead in to the upcoming Fathom: Dawn of War series, premiering later this summer! Featuring 12 new pages of art by Talent Caldwell, Jason Gorder and Christina Strain, (the same great creative team behind SUPERMAN!), and introducing J.T. Krul, writer of this 12 page story and future scribe of the Fathom: Dawn of War series! Also including exclusive Fathom: Dawn of War source material, character sketches, layout designs, and Aspen updates, this incredible issue is not to be missed! *Source: aspenstore.com


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