Sub-Mariner (1941) 40-A

Comic Book by Atlas, Jun 01 1955
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Sub-Mariner (1941) 40-A by Atlas
Sub-Mariner (1941) 40-A by Atlas


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:JUN 01 1955
Content:CCA Approved

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"The Sub-Mariner and the Secret Tunnel!"
The Soviets meet with Namor and try to tell him that they have agreed with America to build a connecting tunnel to the two countries, but that they want to 'surprise' the Americans and construct it in secret. Namor sees through their lie that the tunnel is for an invasion, and takes steps to scuttle the plot. 8 pages (G-139).

"The Sub-Mariner Meets a New Enemy...Fire!"
A teen-age Namor, accompanied by cousin Namora and Prince Byrrah, visit the abandoned Antarctic base of Admiral Byrd. While exploring the buildings, Namora accidentally sets a fire, and so Namor has his first introduction to the deadly element of fire. 4 pages (F-977).
Reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes (Vol 2) #20.

"The Man Who Loved the Sea"
A story about a man who loved to sea, and yearned for adventure there. Unfortunately, duty and fate prevented it ever taking place, but upon his death, a battle ship is named for him in honor of his service to his country. 4 pages (G-116).

"Fogbound" 2 pages, text only.

"The Sub-Mariner and the Icebergs"
A fleet of ships approach the Antarctic kingdom of Atlantis. Namor is sure that they are there for invasion. Thought the Emperor forbids it, Namor organizes a force to shift icebergs and trap the ships. He learns that the expedition is only there to ask permission to mine uranium. Namor apologizes and lets them go, but his actions with the icebergs cause an undersea avalanche that destroys much of Atlantis.



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