Tales of Suspense (1959) 89-B

Comic Book by Marvel, May 01 1967
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Tales of Suspense (1959) 89-B by Marvel
Tales of Suspense (1959) 89-B by Marvel


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:MAY 01 1967
Caption:UK Price Cover
Content:CCA Approved

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"The Monstrous Menace of the Mysterious Melter!" featuring the Invincible Iron Man.

As Tony Stark rebuilds his Stark Industries factory that was destroyed by the Mole Man, Senator Byrd informs him that his quest for the secrets of Iron Man is over. Tony also learns that Pepper Potts' true love is Happy Hogan and not himself, so Tony loses himself in his playboy lifestyle to forget her. Meanwhile, the Melter has broken out of jail and tracks down Stark to extort him into redesigning his melting ray.
By Lee and Colan/Giacoia. 12 pages
Reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes (1967) #31.

"Back from the Dead!" featuring Captain America.

The mastermind behind Captain America's capture is revealed. The Red Skull gloats about his survival after the Cosmic Cube fiasco, and reveals a presumed dead Bucky Barnes, who blames Cap for his death and is fighting mad.
By Lee and Kane. 10 pages.


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