Walking Dead (2003) 75-D

Comic Book by Image, Jul 01 2010
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Walking Dead (2003) 75-D by Image
Walking Dead (2003) 75-D by Image


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Publish Date:JUL 01 2010
Sale Date:JUL 21 2010
Caption:Ultimate Comics Cover


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The priest's plan has backfired as Monroe sides with Rick and the others and wants them to stay. Meanwhile, Glenn is stuck on the roof in city as the roamers have gathered around them for no apparent reason but they soon find out that there is a live group in the area but as soon as they witness what the group does to save themselves by sacrificing one of their own, Glenn decides not to make contact with this group. Rick suspects Pete of abusing his wife, Jessie, and son, Ronnie as Jessie all but admits this but Pete is protected by Monroe since Pete is a doctor. Rick takes matters into his own hands and confronts Pete but things get out on control as Rick pulls a gun on Monroe, in front of everyone. Michonne comes to the rescue, Monroe's rescue.

*Lines are crossed, rules are broken and the peace and tranquility of the community is shattered. After months of safety and security, are Rick and the crew even prepared for what they now face? As an added bonus: a very special back-up story drawn by RYAN OTTLEY in FULL COLOR—a first for THE WALKING DEAD! This issue is not to be missed! *Source: imagecomics.com


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