Spellbound (1952) 16-A

Comic Book by Atlas, Aug 01 1953
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Spellbound (1952) 16-A by Atlas
Spellbound (1952) 16-A by Atlas


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:AUG 01 1953
Content:ACMP Authorized


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"When You Believe"
5 pages.

"Werewolf Village"
2 pages, text only.

"Too Human to Live!"
The lone human worker in the factory, surrounded by robot bosses, has had enough. When he is forced to work late and miss a date, he tries to break away, but finds that it's not that easy. 4 pages.
Reprinted in Beware #1.

"Only a Rose!"
A suspicious wife follows her husband, who is out every night without explanation. She sees that he is bringing flowers to women, and in a jealous rage, poisons the women, thinking them her husbands mistresses. When she finds out that he had been secretly working a second job for a florist in order to buy her a birthday gift, her remorse is too late. 5 pages.
Reprinted in Dead of Night #3.

"A Grave Matter"
3 pages.

"Behind the Door"
Uncle Cyrus has developed a ray that will let one see dreams, hallucinations, even people's thoughts. When he learns that you can see Death approaching with it, he uses the ray to trap Death. His niece is later in a car accident and it terrible agony, and nobody but Cyrus knows why she won't mercifully die. Cyrus let's Death free, and it is the last thing he does. 6 pages.
Reprinted in Beware #1.


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