Adventure Comics (1938) 267-A

Comic Book by DC, Dec 01 1959
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Adventure Comics (1938) 267-A by DC
Adventure Comics (1938) 267-A by DC


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:DEC 01 1959
Content:CCA Approved



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(2nd Chronological Appearance of the Legion of Super-Heroes.)

"Prisoner of the Super-Heroes"
*Superboy is surprised to discover that Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad have traveled back to the 20th Century for no other apparent reason that to make him look bad by beating him to the punch with each and every single super-feat he tries. Eventually the whole town of Smallville turns against him, and Superboy exiles himself into space.

There, he comes across a crowd of super-beings on their way through space. Following them, the Boy of Steel finds himself on a new world known as Superboy Planet, but is immediately thrown into a Kryptonite jail cell by the Legionnaires, who eventually explain the circumstances of his confinement. They tell him that they had come to the past and enlisted the super-heroes of several worlds to build a planet to honor Superboy. While there, however, the Legion used their Futurescope to check Superboy's future and saw him deliberately destroying an airstrip, a ship, and a factory. Afraid that he would become a super-outlaw, Saturn Girl used her powers to force the citizens of Smallville to ostracize him and trick him into being captured.

Eventually, an explosion frees Superboy, and releases a deadly element from which he rescues the Legionnaires. When Saturn Girl picks up a radio message from the President of the United States which frees him from his "security oath," Superboy reveals that the Futurescope had accidentally tuned in on the present, and had shown him destroying poisonous gas for the government, a mission cloaked by national security.

Exonerated, Superboy is honored by the super-heroes. *Source: The Official Legion of Super-Heroes Index #1 - Published by ICG.

An untitled Varsity Vic strip.

Aquaman in "The Manhunt on Land!"
The Shark and the Wizard escape from jail, and the Shark decides to operate on land. But Aquaman captures him anyway.
*Story continues in Green Arrow story.*

Green Arrow in "The Underwater Archers"
Green Arrow must recapture the Wizard underwater.
*story continued from Aquaman story.*


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