Mystery Tales (1952) 9-A

Comic Book by Atlas, Mar 01 1953
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Mystery Tales (1952) 9-A by Atlas
Mystery Tales (1952) 9-A by Atlas


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Publish Date:MAR 01 1953
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"The Specimen!"
A leading scientist in the area of marine life is brought startling new near-humanoid specimens by an odd woman. She claims to be a fellow scientist, but is soon revealed to be a Atlantean, modified to appear human. The scientist pretends to be in love with her in order to keep her as a specimen for study, but soon learns that it is he who is the specimen that she has been sent to collect for her people, who seek to reclaim the surface world. 6 pages (no job #).
Reprinted in Chamber of Chills #18.

Two partners in the meat business decide to split after one shows a taste for dishonesty. In an act of revenge, the jilted partner poisons the meat products, but nothing seems to come of it. He sneaks back to check on his scheme, and accidentally gets locked in the meat cooler with what he thinks are poisoned foods, so he starves to death -- not knowing that all the poisoned stock had been disposed of and replaced. 4 pages (B-739).
Reprinted in Vault of Evil #22.

"Ashes To Ashes!"
4 pages (B-779).
Reprinted in Crypt of Shadows #21.

"The Broken Step"
1 2/3 pages, text only (B-877).

"The Man in the Morgue"
4 pages.
Reprinted in Vault of Evil #23.

Bank robbers hide their money in a cave that only the leader, Baxter, can navigate. Baxter ultimately gets caught and does jail time. Once out, he returns to the cave, and finds that his partners have become monsters, which he kills. But then, he is attacked by their son-- an even more fearsome monster. 5 pages (B-749).
Reprinted in Vault of Evil #22.



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