Gen12 4-A

Comic Book by Image, May 01 1998
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Gen12 4-A by Image
Gen12 4-A by Image


Cover Price:$2.50
Publish Date:MAY 01 1998
Sale Date:MAY 20 1998


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It seems that Thomas Morgan's investigation has caught the attention of the United Nations, and they have put none other than Mariah Craven, the daughter of Miles Craven, on his tail.

Morgan manages to track down Rayna Masters to ask about Michael Cray's knowledge of Craven's activities. She leads him to a lock box with a confessional videotape Deathblow made before his death.

After his release from federal prison, he tracked down Gaby Marconi. He learns that Craven had discovered some link between Cordelia, the Coda Matriarch, and the missing members of Team 7. Alex Fairchild and Philip Chang had taken their children, along with Bobby Lane, to their island years ago, and were returning to the U.S. But Craven was sending a team of Black Razors to meet them, led by their old teammate Jackson Dane.

I.O. are able to capture Bobby Lane before Deathblow shows up. With I.O.'s retreat, Chang is able to use his powers to restore Dane's memory. They then plan an assault on I.O. to rescue Bobby and the captured children of their dead friend, Stephen Callahan.

It was before this mission that Deathblow made his tape, but the story has given Morgan another lead, and he goes off to find the secretive I.O. base known as "The Farm". When he gets there he finds Philip Chang, the long missing Team 7 member.


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