Men of Mystery 68-A

Comic Book by AC, Oct 01 2007
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Men of Mystery 68-A by AC
Men of Mystery 68-A by AC


Cover Price:$9.95
Publish Date:OCT 01 2007



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Item Biography

Miss Masque in "Diana's Jewel"
Penciled & inked by Bob Oksner.
Reprinted from America's Best Comics #24.
12 pages.

An untitled Lady Luck story.
Written, penciled & inked by Klaus Nordling.
Reprinted from the Spirit syndicated strip.
4 pages.

Doll Man in "Suicide Club"
Penciled & inked by Al Bryant.
Reprinted from Feature Comics #122.
11 pages.

An untitled Miss Victory story.
Written, penciled & inked by Charles Quinlan.
Reprinted from Captain Aero #7.
5 pages.

An untitled Senorita Rio story.
Written by Morgan Hawkins, penciled & inked by Iger Shop.
Reprinted from Fight Comics #67.
7 pages.

Major Midnight in "Trip Through France"
Penciled & inked by Leonard Frank.
Reprinted from Captain Midnight #61.
8 pages.

Phantom Lady in "The Case of the Murderous Model"
Written by Ruth Roche as Gregory Page, penciled & inked by Matt Baker.
Reprinted from Phantom Lady #19.
10 pages.

Crimebuster in "The Turtle's Secret"
Written by Charles Biro.
Reprinted from Boy Comics #99.
6 pages.

Cover art by Alex Schomburg.


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