War Goddess 1-A

Graphic Novel / Trade by Boundless Comics, Aug 01 2012
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War Goddess 1-A by Boundless Comics
War Goddess 1-A by Boundless Comics


Cover Price:$24.99
Publish Date:AUG 01 2012
Sale Date:SEP 05 2012

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*For centuries, the sins of man ravaged the Earth, and only the immortal Pandora, the very woman whose curiosity first unleashed that evil, could protect humanity. After innumerable ages, she had finally completed her mission and settled into a life of leisure. However, the mantle of War Goddess cannot be so easily set aside. When a freak accident of science unlocks the doors to endless dimensions, all-new evils spill out into the world, and Pandora charges again into combat. But to defeat the deadly Hellina and the malevolent legions that follow in her wake, the immortal heroine must assemble a supernatural line of defense... including the woman/spider hybrid Widow, whose savagery and thirst for blood might be the deciding factor between victory and Hell on Earth. *Source: avatarpress.com


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