Flash Special 1-A

Comic Book by DC, Jan 01 1990
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Flash Special 1-A by DC
Flash Special 1-A by DC


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Publish Date:JAN 01 1990



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Historian John Fox is sent back in time from the 27th century to try to warn the Flashes of three different era of a foe each of them faced who now threatens his time.

"Sow the Wind"

The first Flash, Jay Garrick, is summoned to FBI headquarters and asked to investigate thefts of nuclear technology by the Communists. He's surprised to find his secret identity listed, as well as that of an old friend, Elliot Shapiro. The true culprit, meanwhile, is a scientist named Manfred Mota, who uses the technology to become a villain named Atom Smasher. Flash defeats him, but John Fox disappears before he can warn Jay of what Mota will become.

"Captives of the Atom Master"

Newly released from prison, Manfred Mota updates his technology and becomes Professor Fallout. Barry Allen, then the current Flash, beats him, but once again, John Fox fails to warn him before he's whisked away.


In the present, Wally West is worrying about his financial problems, when a woman bursts into his apartment. She's Manfred Mota's old girlfriend, and she tells Wally that Mota has perfected his nuclear technology and escaped from prison. Renaming himself Fusionn, Mota has much more power and a long-simmering hatred for the Flash, and he terrorizes Central City in order to draw the Flash out. Wally attacks, only to be defeated easily. He speeds off for help, and finally manages to overload Mota's suit, causing him to melt into the Earth's crust. John Fox, again failing to make contact in time, disappears back into the time stream.

"Generations: Finale"

John Fox is drawn back to his time, but Mota attacks the chronolab just before he arrives. The energy bombardment grants Fox super-speed, and he uses it to battle Mota, now a hulking creature of pure Plutonium bent on destroying the Flash Museum and Central City with it! Fox finally defeats Mota and takes up the mantle of the Flash.

"Flash Facts"

A guide to the three Flashes (Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, and Wally West), their powers, and their enemies.

Origin and first appearance of John Fox, Flash of the 27th century.


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