Tales of Age of Apocalypse nn-B

Comic Book by Marvel, Dec 01 1996
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Tales of Age of Apocalypse nn-B by Marvel
Tales of Age of Apocalypse nn-B by Marvel


Cover Price:$5.99
Publish Date:DEC 01 1996
Caption:Newsstand Edition / Price Variant


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Item Biography

"By the Light"

*It has been nearly two decades since Charles Xavier died.

Since that tragedy occurred, the ageless conqueror known as Apocalypse has waged bloody warfare on the human race, establishing a cruel society in which mutants - humankind's genetically-gifted brethren - are the ruling class, while nomo sapien is left to wallow in the evolutionary mud.

The world belongs to him.

Bu the dream of peace has not become extinct yet, One man - Erik Magnus Lensherr, the mutant called Magneto - has organized a hopelessly outnumbered band of resistance in an effort to eventually overthrow the High Lord...

...The Astonishing X-Men!

And now may be their greatest chance for victory, for a battle-weakened Apocalypse is recuperating on the legendary Blue Area of the Moon. However, they will be confronted by a madman perhaps more dangerous than Apocalypse himself... *Source: Back cover


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