Iron Man (1968) 68-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Jun 01 1974
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Iron Man (1968) 68-A by Marvel
Iron Man (1968) 68-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$.25
Publish Date:JUN 01 1974
Content:CCA Approved


Item Biography

"Night of the Rising Sun!"

Iron Man is back on Vietnam terra firma. Ostensibly, looking for the "missing in action" brother of Eddie March - Marty, but also to watch over Roxie Gilbert; the latest girl to send Tony Stark's heart all-a-quiver.

Shell-Head manages to upset the local militia, who decry him as the stereotypical western imperialist. An act he may come to regret shortly after the Vietnamese major hoodwinks the Japanese Mutant, Sunfire into a death duel with Iron Man.

The Mandarin has swapped minds with the Unicorn, but the upshot of that transference is that the Unicorn's body is dying - and the Mandarin will perish trapped in a foreign body. Unless, of course he can find a power source great enough to energize the machine capable of reversing the transfer.

As fate would have it, such a source is detected in South Vietnam. Sunfire. Who sets to making war with the Armored Avenger. During the super-powered scuffle with Shell-Head, Sunfire is spirited away by the Mandarin's teleport beam.

Iron Man doesn't give the fight up as finished. He follows a radiation trail left by the teleport beam to Mandarin's undersea base. Unicorn unleashes a missile which hits Iron Man head-on, causing damage to the fabled red and gold armor.

Mandarin's guile dupes Sunfire into expending his energy and simultaneously kick-starting the mind transfer machine. Being the second time in short succession that he's been manipulated, the mercurial tempered Mutant proves not to be the sharpest tool in the box for sure. With transfer completed, the Unicorn's body crumples in a lifeless heap to the floor.

Iron Man makes a pit-stop at a Phillipino branch of Stark Industries to lick his wounds and make repairs. In an attempt to appear more intimidating as the Golden Avenger, Stark redesigns his helmet by adding a new nose-cone. Villains will soon laugh themselves silly at the sight. Tony, what were you thinking?

Contains a fan letter from Jerry Ordway, which wins a no-prize.

Contains Marvel Value Stamp Series A #29 Baron Mordo.


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