StormWatch (1993) 22-B

Comic Book by Image, May 01 1995
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StormWatch (1993) 22-B by Image
StormWatch (1993) 22-B by Image


Cover Price:$1.95
Publish Date:MAY 01 1995
Sale Date:JUN 08 1995
Caption:Newsstand Edition / Price Variant


Story Arcs

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"WildStorm Rising, Chapter 9 of 10"
Continued from Backlash #8.
Continues in WildStorm Rising #2.

StormWatch and Backlash make a desperate attempt to take down Helspont. But even with their combined might, they are not able to stop the Daemonite lord.

As a contingency plan, the U.N. commands Synergy to release the WarGuard to help in the fight. But Despot slays the guards who came to release them and the WarGaurd goes off into space, leaving only Link alive to tell the others not to look for them again.

Meanwhile, in Nicaragua, Savant has found something. The Daemonites, WildC.A.T.s, and StormWatch all show up just as Union is finishing unearthing the ship. But it is not the Daemonite dreadnaught they were looking for, it the the Kherubim ship.

Includes a StormWatch pinup by David Williams and Mike Miller.

Two individually packaged WildStorm Gallery trading cards are bound in this issue: #136, which is only available from this issue, and one base set card.


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