Crypt of Shadows 6-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Oct 01 1973
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Crypt of Shadows 6-A by Marvel
Crypt of Shadows 6-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$.20
Publish Date:OCT 01 1973
Content:CCA Approved


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"Don't Bury Me Deep"
Reprinted from Adventures into Weird Worlds #5.
The Undertaker dreams of the day when the small town's richest patron dies, for surely, that will be the day he strikes it rich. He hears the old man finally passes on, and places him in the most expensive coffin money can buy. When the old man stirs, the Undertaker won't be cheated, and wrestles him back in the coffin. Unfortunately for him, the old man pulls him in and the lid slams shut, locking both in for a premature burial. 7 pages.

"Every Dog Has His Day!"
Reprinted from Mystic (1951) #23.
A recluse obsessively protects his hoard of silver, but the neighboring orphan keeps a stray dog as pet who noses around the recluse's house, driving him mad. The recluse poisons the dog, setting off a supernatural chain of events. 5 pages.

"A Thousand Years"
Reprinted from Journey into Mystery (1952) #70.
A prisoner with a 40 year sentence swears that he would do anything to get free. The Devil answers his call. The man signs away his soul for the Devil's promise to free him and keep him alive for 1,000 years. Tragically, the convict stows away in a rocket to make his escape, destined for deep space. 5 pages.

"Fast Freight"
Reprinted from Mystic (1951) #19.
The convict breaks free of prison, and during a harrowing chase, sees his exit strategy. The convict makes a running jump for a passing freight train, leaving his pursuit in the dust. He is glad to have made it, but is unaware that the train's next stop is the State Pen. 3 pages.


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