Backlash 8-B

Comic Book by Image, May 01 1995
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Backlash 8-B by Image
Backlash 8-B by Image


Cover Price:$1.95
Publish Date:MAY 01 1995
Sale Date:JUN 08 1995
Caption:Newsstand Edition / Price Variant


Story Arcs

Item Biography

"WildStorm Rising, Chapter 8"
Continues from Wetworks (1994) #8.
Continues in StormWatch (1993) #22.

After receiving a request from Diva for aid, Backlash goes after the newly revived Helspont. But he is not the only one, as the other WildStorm heroes are racing towards the same destination. Defile is also manipulating events from behind the scenes, as Mister White was actually impersonating Diva to ask Backlash to intervene.

Backlash arrives first, and while he puts up a good fight he is no match for Helspont by himself. As a defeated Backlash sinks into the sea, he is rescued by StormWatch's Nautika as the team is on their way to stop the rise of the Daemonite warship.

Meanwhile, Savant, Union, and Mister Majestic continue in their efforts to unearth the Daemonite warship in Nicaragua.

Includes a Taboo pin up by Jeff Rebner and Richard Friend.

This back cover of this issue is an alternate cover by Brett Booth.

Taboo (Amanda Reed) appears only in the pinup.

The newsstand edition did not include trading cards.


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