Tick Color 2-A

Comic Book by New England Comics Press (NEC / NECP), Mar 01 2001
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Tick Color 2-A by New England Comics Press (NEC / NECP)
Tick Color 2-A by New England Comics Press (NEC / NECP)


Cover Price:$3.95
Publish Date:MAR 01 2001
Sale Date:APR 25 2001

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*In The Tick Color 2 things are somewhat 'back to normal' after The Tick returned Thrakkorzog's alien dimension bringing the awesome force of 'color' to The Tick's world. But things are never 'normal' for long in The Tick Universe! The Earth is being bombarded by meteors and it is quickly determined that this abnormal assault originates from the Moon. The Tick and his super-teammates boldly go where no hero has gone before and find themselves in the furious grip of an exciting full color-color-three-issue story arc entitled 'Rocket Men from the Moon!' Space travel evil rocket robots zooming missiles blasting explosions crackling ray beams stony rocks heroic heroes villianous villains and menacing menaces come together in a climatic battle for the sake of the planet. It all starts in this issue with the introduction of a surprise mystery guest! *Source: necpress.com


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