Dark Horse Presents (2011) 20-A

Comic Book by Dark Horse, Jan 01 2013
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Dark Horse Presents (2011) 20-A by Dark Horse
Dark Horse Presents (2011) 20-A by Dark Horse


Cover Price:$7.99
Publish Date:JAN 01 2013
Sale Date:JAN 23 2013


Item Biography

"Babalon Working" featuring The Victories by Oeming, Filardi and Walker

"Boxcar Tales, Part 3" featuring Alabaster by Kiernan, Lieber, and Rosenberg

"Brain Like a Bomb" featuring Journeymen by Thorne and Harris

"Gamma, Chapter 3" by Farinas and Freitas

"Ghosts" featuring The White Suits by Barbiere and Cypress

"Station to Station, Part Two" by Bechko and Hardman

"Redacted" featuring Captain Midnight by Williamson, Perez, Ego, and Piekos continues in Free Comic Book Day: Avatar - The Last Airbender / Free Comic Book Day: Star Wars and Captain Midnight

"The Suicide Blonde, Part Three" featuring Resident Alien by Hogan and Parkhouse

"The Pigs, Part Two: Pointy Sticks" featuring X by Swierczynski, Nguyen, Madsen, and Starking

"Third World, Part 17" a Finder story by McNeil, Lee and Mudron

Back cover and spot illustrations by Geof Darrow.

*Michael Avon Oeming’s twisted antiheroes head to the pages of DHP, as a three-issue arc of The Victories begins! Also in this issue, get shanghaied by the premiere of Geoffrey Thorne and Todd Harris’s Journeymen! Plus, the exciting conclusions of Resident Alien, Captain Midnight, Gamma, and White Suits, and all-new X! *Source: darkhorse.com


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