Masters of the Universe Classics King Randor (Eternos Palace)

Action Figure by Mattel, Jan 01 2012
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Masters of the Universe Classics King Randor (Eternos Palace) by Mattel
Masters of the Universe Classics King Randor (Eternos Palace) by Mattel


Cover Price:$.00
Publish Date:JAN 01 2012
Sale Date:NOV 15 2012
Caption:King Randor (Eternos Palace)
Content:Adult Collector


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*Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, especially when your enemies include your own half-brother who calls himself the Evil Lord of Destruction™ and an army of vicious Snake Men™. But King Randor® isn’t worried… this resourceful royal proved his valor on the battlefield, uniting his people and restoring peace to the land. Arriving with a golden crown, vintage spear and all-new vac metalized goblet, this Filmation-look figure is ready to take his rightful place in your collection.

King Randor® Bio
Real Name: Randor of the House Miro

Shortly after his father was thrown into Despondos™ by Count Marzo®, Randor’s older brother was banished from the Royal palace, leaving Eternia® without a king. Randor continued to act as Captain of the Guard, leading the royal armies against their enemies, including Keldor™, who had returned from exile with an army of outcasts and escaped convicts. Finally besting Keldor™ in single combat, Randor mortally wounded his half-brother and ordered a mystic wall erected to keep him and his warrior magically bound to the Dark Hemisphere. For ending the Great Unrest, the Council of Elders agreed to set aside Eternian laws of kingship and gave Randor the crown, despite not being the first born. King Randor® heroically raises his staff, declaring his rule over all Eternia®. *Source:


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