Batman: Murder at Wayne Manor 1-A

Hard Cover by Quirk Books, Jan 01 2008
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Batman: Murder at Wayne Manor 1-A by Quirk Books
Batman: Murder at Wayne Manor 1-A by Quirk Books


Cover Price:$24.95
Publish Date:JAN 01 2008


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*For generations, the people of Gotham City have looked to Wayne Manor as the embodiment of wealth and high society. But when construction crews discover a corpse buried on the grounds, the venerable family estate is embroiled in scandal.

Is someone trying to frame billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne for a shocking and heinous crime? Hardly. Forensic scientists determine that the body has been decomposing for at least thirty years, and the likely murder was Bruce's father, Dr. Thomas Wayne.

Torn between the need to protect his family's honor and his obligation to deliver justice, Batman sets out to solve this coldest of cases, using nine mysterious clues (all included throughout this book as removable facsimiles): a blood-stained party invitation, a map of Wayne Manor, a Gotham City newspaper, an autopsy report, private journals, a letter, a photograph, and more.

Was Dr. Wayne the man young Bruce swore to avenge on that bloody night in Gotham City actually a killer? It's up to you to sift through the clues and uncover the shocking answer * Source: Back Cover


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