Marvel Super-Heroes (1967) 20-A

Comic Book by Marvel, May 01 1969
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Marvel Super-Heroes (1967) 20-A by Marvel
Marvel Super-Heroes (1967) 20-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$.25
Publish Date:MAY 01 1969
Content:CCA Approved


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"This Man, This Demon!"
Victor Von Doom is approached in his Latverian castle by Diablo, who proposes a partnership. When Doom refuses, Diablo shows him that he holds captive a woman whom Doom loved as a young man, Valeria. The son of gypsies and mystics, Doom learns the art of Dark Magic upon the deaths of his parents, and left behind his love in his quest for power. Now, Doom must accept Diablo's request for an alliance to win Valeria back. As is always the case, mistrust arises, and Doom vanquishes Diablo to a desolate future via his time machine. Valeria, now free, spurns Doom, seeing that he is as power-hungry as ever. 24 pages.

"The Sub-Mariner Meets a New Enemy...Fire!"
Reprinted from Sub-Mariner Comics #40.
A teen-age Namor, accompanied by cousin Namora and Prince Byrrah, visit the abandoned Antarctic base of Admiral Byrd. While exploring the buildings, Namora accidentally sets a fire, and so Namor has his first introduction to the deadly element of fire. 4 pages (F-977).

Reprints Young Men #24 in its entirety (except the text story), including:

Pin-up of the original cover

"The Return of the Human Torch" (D-336)
The Human Torch is back from the grave where had had be consigned to spend eternity, awakened by a nuclear test blast. He tracks down Toro, who had been kidnapped, sold to the Communists and brainwashed. The Torch rescues him, and the fighting duo are back in action. 9 pages.

"Back from the Dead!" featuring Captain America (D-337)
The Red Skull assures his team that Captain America is dead, and it is safe to go ahead with their terrorist plans, but nearby, the retired Steve Rogers, now a teacher at Bucky Barnes school, is alive and well, and in retirement. When the Skull launches his plot at the UN Building, Cap and Bucky come out of retirement to squash it. 6 pages.

No Title Given featuring the Sub-Mariner (D-343)
Numerous ships have been wrecked off the coast of a mysterious South Pacific island...too many for coincidence. Betty Dean calls her old comrade, Namor, and together they explore the wrecks and find invaders from Venus. 8 pages.

Lastly, a one-page house ad for the next issue, which was to feature a new character, Starhawk. The title, however, shifted to reprint-only format, and the character would not see use until being written into the Guardians of the Galaxy story line in the pages of Defenders (1972) #27, 6 years later.


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