Men of Mystery 75-A

Comic Book by AC, Dec 01 2008
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Men of Mystery 75-A by AC
Men of Mystery 75-A by AC


Cover Price:$9.95
Publish Date:DEC 01 2008



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Item Biography

Flagman and Rusty in "The Wasp and the Sting of Death"
Penciled by Alan Mandel & inked by Dan Barry.
Reprinted from Captain Aero Comics.
8 pages.

Doll Man in "Tom Thumb and the Doll Man"
Penciled & inked by Al Bryant.
Reprinted from Feature Comics #114.
11 pages.

Crimebuster in "Iron Jaw's Treasure Hunt"
Written by Charles Biro, penciled & inked by Hi Mankin.
Reprinted from Boy Illustories #78.
11 pages.

Radar in "Adventure in the States"
Penciled & inked by Ken Battefield.
Reprinted from Master Comics #83.
9 pages.

Rocky X in "The City Beneath the Surface"
Penciled & inked by Ralph Mayo.
Reprinted from Boy Illustories #94.
7 pages.

Black Cat in "The Death Move"
Penciled & inked by Lee Elias.
Reprinted from Black Cat (1946) #2.
2 pages.

Spy Smasher in "Spy Smasher Introduces Crime Smasher"
Penciled & inked by Al Carreno.
Reprinted from Whiz Comics #76.
6 pages.

Major Midnight in "Life of the Shark"
Penciled & inked by Leonard Frank.
Reprinted from Captain Midnight #50.
9 pages.

Cover art by Mike Machlan.


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