DC Super-Stars 14-A

Comic Book by DC, Jun 01 1977
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DC Super-Stars 14-A by DC
DC Super-Stars 14-A by DC


Cover Price:$.50
Publish Date:JUN 01 1977
Content:CCA Approved



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"G-- as in Guardians, Green Lantern, and Gorilla Grodd!"

The secret origin of Gorilla Grodd! The Guardians reveal to Green Lantern that the gorillas of Gorilla City are actually from another planet, and that he inadvertently brought them to Earth! After Green Lantern overcame a threat on the planet Calor, the gorillas used their mental powers to commandeer his ring and use its power to transport Gorilla City to Earth. Grodd, feeling he should replace Solovar as leader since he discovered GLs power ring, rebels and lures Green Lantern into the jungle, where he once again uses the power ring to terrorize Gorilla City. After Green Lantern defeats him, Solovar wipes his memory, so he is unaware of his role in bringing the gorillas to Earth.

"The Origin of Brainiac"

A text story recapping Brainiac's first appearance on Earth, where he attempts to steal Earth's greatest cities.

"The Secret Origin of Two-Face -- Double Take"

Detective Davis arranges for Two-Face to be released from Arkham Asylum so he can retrieve hidden incriminating evidence against Boss Maroni, the gangster who had scarred Harvey Dent's face.

"The Origin of the Shark"

A text story outlining how an irradiated tiger shark evolved into the Shark and confronted Green Lantern.

"Let there be Dr. Light!"

Doctor Arthur Light develops a portal that allows him to steal light-based weapons from a lab on Thanagar, causing officer Katar Hol to travel to Earth in pursuit.


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