Hot Rods and Racing Cars 14-A

Comic Book by Charlton, Feb 01 1954
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Hot Rods and Racing Cars 14-A by Charlton
Hot Rods and Racing Cars 14-A by Charlton


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:FEB 01 1954


Item Biography

"The Duel of Death"
Steve Savage has to find out who killed the man that walked into his office just before dying.

"High Speed Retreat"
Bruce Thurber tries to talk his father C.J. Thurber who is on the town council to let his hot rod club use an abandoned road into a racing strip. His talking couldn't get him any help, but after he helps catch a pair of crocks with the town payroll things do change.

"Hot Rod Talk"
More hot rod lingo sent in by readers. Contributing to this issue are George Stuart, Michael Petz, Donald Degray,Pat Elliston, and Charles Briley,

"Hot Rod Hannah"
Hannah Mallison wants to become a member of the Harlington Hot Rod Club.

"Custom Contest Prize Winners!"
Winners of the draw your own custom car and send it in contest.

"Clint Curtis in Never Too Old"
There is a plane wreck in which every way tried has failed to get to the wreck. The plane made an emergency landing in a marsh on the approach side of the airport. After Clint & other members of the club fail the members of the Glidden Tour give it a try. The tour is a club of the older cars built in the early 1900's. The roads of that era were not much betterm than having non at all. With the extra ground clearence an the power to weight ratio, they are the heros of the day doing the same thing they were built for, moving people from one place to the other!

"Practical Lesson"
Jonny Adams decides to change his life before it gets to messy.

Cover by Dick "Richi" Giordano.


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