Devi 5-A

Comic Book by Virgin Comics, Nov 01 2006
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Devi 5-A by Virgin Comics
Devi 5-A by Virgin Comics


Cover Price:$2.99
Publish Date:NOV 01 2006
Sale Date:NOV 08 2006


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*Tara Mehta, the chosen Devi incarnate, is in a lot of trouble.

Her mortal body lies in the back seat of a car, hurtling towards the old temple where the Durapasya council await, ready to sacrifice Tara to the gods and usher in the Devi spirit - and they're not the only ones who want her dead. Kratha, the Apsara assassin, and Iyam, Lord Bala's right hand man, are streaking towards the temple too, as is her only ally, inspector Rahul Singh - who, along with the disgraced Durapasya Agantuk, appears to be the only one interested in keeping her alive.

But Tara's seeing things now that make all these concerns seem trivial - because, in her soma-induced trance, she's been taken to be blessed by the gods, and to journey even further towards her destiny - divinity. *Source: Devi #5


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