USA Comics 1-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Aug 01 1941
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USA Comics 1-A by Marvel
USA Comics 1-A by Marvel


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Publish Date:AUG 01 1941


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"The Defender"
Don Stevens, US Marine, his companion Rusty, and reporter Sally Kean take a ferry ride and see signs of spy activity. They investigate as the Defender with his trusty sidekick to foil Nazi Gestapo Agent Dame Kackle in her plot to smuggle Japanese agents into the States. 18 pages.

Dr. Emil Frank and his son Bob flee to Africa after the doctor is framed by a mobster to take the fall for the death of the mobster's rival. Bob falls ill and needs blood, but the only blood that can be found is from a mongoose. Bob recovers, taking on the speed of the mongoose, while his father dies. The Whizzer, Master of Speed is born, sworn to avenge his father's death. 6 pages.

"Mr. Liberty and the Spirits of Freedom"
Nazi armies spread throughout Europe, and 5th columnist spies have reached the shores of America. John Liberty, a professor of American history, swears that what is needed is the spirit of America's founders. In answer, the spirits appear and transform him into Mr. Liberty. Accompanied on his exploits with ghosts of Paul Revere and Ethan Allen, they bust up the sabotage ring. 10 pages.

"Haunted Fireplace"
2 pages, text with spot illustrations.

"The Tunnel That Led to Death"
5th Column agents construct a tunnel below an airplane factory, murdering the work crew to keep the tunnel's existence secret. This doesn't escape the notice of Rockman, Underground Secret Agent, a member of a subterranean race who watch over us from below. 9 pages.

"Young Avenger"
Bill Bryan, young schoolboy by day, is endowed with Herculean strength, and courage to match. By night, he is the Young Avenger, foiling 5th Columnist saboteurs. 10 pages.

"Jack Frost"
Jack Frost, the King of the Cold, exists as a near-mythic figure in the frozen North. Jack comes across a dying man who was shot by a partner over an Alaskan gold mine claim. Jack goes to New York City to help authorities, but is met with skepticism and distrust. He catches up with the murder, who dies in their fight, making him a criminal vigilante in the eyes of New York's police. 6 pages.


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