Yellowjacket Comics 9-A

Comic Book by Frank, Apr 01 1946
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Yellowjacket Comics 9-A by Frank
Yellowjacket Comics 9-A by Frank


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:APR 01 1946


Story Arcs

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Item Biography

"The Adventure of the Man with the Scar"

When a new building collapses, killing and injuring several, Yellowjacket finds himself investigating poor craftsmanship.

In an untitled story, Diana the Huntress must retrieve the stolen box of Pandora from a Titan of Myth.

An untitled King of the Beasts story has Danny King tracking a killer lion in remote Africa.

"Buzzin of the Bees"

Word Games

The Old Witch tells a story of Greed, in which you cannot even trust your best friend.

"Bee Stings"
Humor and Gags

"Hotel Hold-Up"

A two page story by an unknown author.

In an untitled story, Cap'n Grim spins a tale of four dead men and a lost treasure of Ambergris.

An untitled Filipino Kid story highlights the extremes that underground newspapers had to go to publishing papers in World War II.


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