Ghost Rider (1973) 22-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Feb 01 1977
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Ghost Rider (1973) 22-A by Marvel
Ghost Rider (1973) 22-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$.30
Publish Date:FEB 01 1977
Content:CCA Approved


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"Nobody Beats the Enforcer!"

Once more Ghost Rider runs the gauntlet of mad LA cops in the mid-day sun. Phantom fakery is enough to fool them into ceasing pursuit. Picking up where G.R. tailed off, Johnny Blaze pays a visit to ascendant starlet Karen Page. Johnny attempts to move their relationship on to the next page, but is ever so politely rebuffed.

Trouble has come to town in the shape of a brash new upstart, the Enforcer, who usurps leadership of the local mob. Literally rubbing out of existence the previous head. The hoods soon fall into line.

Back at Delazny Studios, Johnny earns his keep as stand-in for the stuntman-turned-actor Stunt Master. During a break between set-ups Blaze is summoned to the CEO's office. Delazny Sr. has a surprise in store... more LA cops ready to arrest Blaze for his Ghost Rider exploits. No can do, for now; Johnny hurdles out of the office.

Blaze next speaks to the studio office from the safety of a public phone box. A little checking by other love interest, Roxanne Simpson reveals that the now deceased Eel was hired directly through Delazny's office. Through wishful thinking plus a concentrated effort Johnny learns that he now has the power to become Ghost Rider at will.

Freshly summoned flame cycle speeds to Delazny's mansion to witness the Enforcer and his new crew climbing into a sleek Cadillac. Playing the patient game of stealth, G.R. follows at a safe distance leading all the way to San Diego's Navy Yard. Here is the chance for the Enforcer to unleash his fearsome secret weapon in all its awesome glory. The disentegrator beam destroys a whole battleship docked in the harbor.

This is no novice brigand, but a major league threat for the Brimstone Biker to quell. The certified Spook Actâ„— doesn't cut any ice either. The Enforcer scoffs at self-proclaimed Demoniac lineage, dispensing acid quips and movie metaphors.

G.R.'s Satanic-spawned speed enables him to evade the disentegration ray. But a plunge into the bay fails to corral the critter, and the Enforcer is still on the loose.

First appearance of the Enforcer.


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