Neil Gaiman's Midnight Days nn-A

Graphic Novel / Trade by Vertigo, Jan 01 1999
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Neil Gaiman's Midnight Days nn-A by Vertigo
Neil Gaiman's Midnight Days nn-A by Vertigo


Cover Price:$17.95
Publish Date:JAN 01 1999
Sale Date:DEC 08 1999
Content:Mature Readers


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Collects Swamp Thing Annual #5, Hellblazer #27, Sandman Midnight Theatre, and a newly illustrated Swamp Thing story.

*From the master of horror and fantasy, Neil Gaiman, come five never-before-reprinted tales. These unusual and eloquent stories from Gaiman's early career -- including a newly illustrated, never-before-seen Swamp Thing tale -- range from moody to playful, displaying the depth of range of this remarkable writer.

In "Sandman Midnight Theatre" [from Sandman Mystery Theatre], the Golden Age Sandman investigates an age-old mystery -- and, for the only time, comes face-to-face with his namesake, Dream of the Endless.

In "Hold Me" [from Hellblazer #27], the trenchcoated mystic John Constantine faces a ghost haunted by a very modern kind of loneliness.

In "Brothers" [from Swamp Thing Annual #5], the Swamp Thing's extended family meets a flower-power-loving Geek and the decidedly unamused U.S. government.

In "Shaggy God Stories" [from Swamp Thing Annual #5], a half-sane plant-man plumbs the mysteries of existence.

And in the never-before-published Jack-in-the-Green, the Swamp Thing of another time confronts the horrors of his world -- large and small. *Source: Back Cover


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