Slow Death 7-A

Comic Book by Last Gasp, Jun 01 1976
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Slow Death 7-A by Last Gasp
Slow Death 7-A by Last Gasp


Cover Price:$1.00
Publish Date:JUN 01 1976


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"'Nits Make Lice'"
A tale of the savage volunteer corp or early Americans, authorized by our government to remove the native peoples, portrayed as a noble act of White Man's destiny by officials. 9 pages.

Gallery of Murderous Rogues
four pinups of murderous brutes from history, including vikings and pirates.

"Armistice: 1918"
As the cease-fire order is given to the Americans at the close of World War I, all want to be the one to fire the last salvo, and so the Americans shoot at an unarmed enemy for hours on end, only ceasing when forced at gunpoint by their commanders. 2 pages.

"Bonus Army"
In the aftermath of WWI, veterans head en mass to Washington DC to demand relief pay, and are dubbed the Bonus Expeditionary Force. When rioting ensues, the government forcibly evicts the vets. 4 pages.

No Title Given featuring Blackhawk.
Blackhawk, injured and out of fuel over the ocean, finally meets his end, in a tribute to the work of Reed Crandall. 6 pages.

"Velma Gets It N de bele"
Velma visits South Africa, falls in love, and becomes pregnant, then prey to the conflict of the struggle to end Apartheid. 8 pages.


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