G.I. Joe: G.I. Joe Reborn 1-B

Comic Book by Devil's Due, Feb 01 2004
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G.I. Joe: G.I. Joe Reborn 1-B by Devil's Due
G.I. Joe: G.I. Joe Reborn 1-B by Devil's Due


Cover Price:$4.95
Publish Date:FEB 01 2004
Sale Date:MAR 03 2004
Caption:Retailer Incentive Cover


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Continued from G.I. Joe: Cobra Reborn #1. Continued in G.I. Joe: Reloaded #1.

*A new terror has emerged in the world - a unified legion of radical militias, powerful enemies of the United States, and even internal sympathizers. A terror known as Cobra.

What were though to be random attacks and incidents throughout the country were actually orchestrated by a man called Cobra Commander. Disgusted (and arguably driven mad) by the "system" that taxes the little man and benefits the rich, he will launch a full scale war on our nation in mere hours unless stopped. In G.I. Joe: Cobra Reborn, we watched as the Commander gathered his forces, but on the other side of the coin, a frantic administration makes split second decisions to handle this crisis. It must be dealt with quickly, quietly, and efficiently, without invoking hysteria. With sympathizers to Cobra in our own ranks, the world needs a task force formed outside of the standard bureaucracy, operating in secret, unknown to even top military brass. The world needs G.I. Joe, and it needs the now. *Source: G.I. Joe: G.I. Joe Reborn #1


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