StormWatch (1993) 19-B

Comic Book by Image, Feb 01 1995
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StormWatch (1993) 19-B by Image
StormWatch (1993) 19-B by Image


Cover Price:$1.95
Publish Date:FEB 01 1995
Caption:Newsstand Edition / Price Variant


Story Arcs

Item Biography

StormWatch has been unable to locate Synergy, who is being held captive by Argos. Knowing she is on her own, Synergy overloads the dimensional portal Argos is using her to power and brings the building down upon both of them.

Strafe, still distraught over the death of his brother, goes to see his father in his cryo-prison. Meanwhile, Winter has temporarily left StormWatch to track down M.A.D.-1 and goes to Henry Bendix for help, who suggests that they find Cannon to aid them.

"Loose Cannon, Part 3 of 3"
Inside the Gamorran facility, Cannon finds that the victims of the cyborg manipulation are beyond saving. But he cannot bring himself to end their lives, no matter how much they plead.

Includes a StormWatch pinup by Michael Lopez and Tim Bradstreet.

The newsstand edition is printed on newsprint paper, as opposed to the direct edition which was printed on glossy paper.


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