Star*Reach 7-B

Comic Book by Star Reach Productions, Dec 01 1977
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Star*Reach 7-B by Star Reach Productions
Star*Reach 7-B by Star Reach Productions


Cover Price:$1.25
Publish Date:DEC 01 1977

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"I'm God!" by Sim/Gasbarri. A planetary explorer comes across a lone occupant on a desolate planet, claiming that he is God. 8 pgs b&w.

"The Bushi" by Hirota/Mukaide. In feudal Japan, a young samurai faces a demon that killed his father. 6 pgs b&w.

"The Gods of Mount Olympus, Chapter 3: Apollo and Artemis" by Achziger/Staton. Homer continues his telling of the Olypian Gods' myths. 9 pgs b&w.

"Headtrips" by Marrs. In a world where Mindwarpers live in constant fear of capture by the Stalkers, it is hard for a young Mindwarper to have a normal childhood. 10 pgs b&w.

"My Fears" by Bonivert. No one believes in his fears, and he doubts his sanity, but at night, his nightmares become real. 4 pgs b&w.

"Skywalker" by Englehart/Vosburg. In central Mexico, two apprentices of a shaman battle on a spiritual plain for who will inherit his sorcerous powers. 11 pgs b&w.


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