Action Comics (1938) 443-A

Comic Book by DC, Jan 01 1975
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Action Comics (1938) 443-A by DC
Action Comics (1938) 443-A by DC


Cover Price:$.60
Publish Date:JAN 01 1975
Content:CCA Approved

Item Biography

Superman in "At Last! Clark Kent..Super Hero!"
Written by Elliot S. MAggin, penciled by Curt Swan & inked by Tex Blaisdell.
Clark Kent and Superman switch roles to help the Justice League of America take on a cadre of super-villians.
20 pages.

The Sea Devils in "The Ghost of the Deep"
Written by Bob Kannigher, penciled & inked by Russ Heath.
Sea Devils story reprinted from Sea Devils #3.
12 pages.

Matt Savage in "Revolt in Painted Canyon"
Written by Gardner Fox, penciled by Gil Kane & inked by Joe Giella.
Matt Savage story reprinted from Western Comics #78.
11 pages.

Adam Strange in "The Super-Brain of Adam Strange"
Written by Gardner Fox, penciled by Carmine Infantino & inked by Sid Greene.
Adam Strange story reprinted from Mystery in Space (Vol 1) #87.
12 pages.

Hawkman in "Amazing Thefts of the I.Q. Gang"
Written by Gardner Fox, penciled & inked by Murphy Anderson.
Hawkman and Hawkgirl story reprinted from Mystery in Space (Vol 1)#87.
14 pages.

The Black Pirate in "Spanish Castle"
Written, penciled & inked by Sheldon Moldoff. Black Pirate story reprinted from Sensation Comics (Vol 1) #4.
8 pages.

Cover art by Nick Cardy.


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