WetWorks (1994) 32-A

Comic Book by Image, Aug 01 1997
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WetWorks (1994) 32-A by Image
WetWorks (1994) 32-A by Image


Cover Price:$3.50
Publish Date:AUG 01 1997
Sale Date:AUG 13 1997
Caption:Polybagged with Phantom Guard Preview


Item Biography

"Sacraments of Damnation, Part 1 of 4"

Drakken finally makes his move. With the help of Lupo, he breaks into Waering's complex and takes the Jaquar captive. But Drakken is looking for total control, and takes Lupo's life anyway.

Santini and a team of Black Razors meet up with the WetWorks team to ask if they had anything to do with the attack on Waering's compound. When WetWorks goes to investigate, they find Drakken waiting for them. Dozer is captured, and Drakken takes control of Claymore's symbiote as well, teleporting away with them.

Grail manages to held open the portal and Jester sneaks along with Drakken in disguise. When the rest of the team shows up, they are unable gain an upper hand. Nathaniel Blackbird runs off to find Waering, and Dane is forced to subdue Pilgrim so that the team can retreat.

A giant pyramid has risen in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. And on top is Dozer's head, begging for help.

Polybagged with Phantom Guard Preview.


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