Metal Hurlant 13-A

Comic Book by Humanoids, Sep 01 2004
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Metal Hurlant 13-A by Humanoids
Metal Hurlant 13-A by Humanoids


Cover Price:$3.95
Publish Date:SEP 01 2004
Sale Date:SEP 29 2004
Content:Mature Readers


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"Second Son"
In a dynastic setting, two brothers must deal with rivalries and rights of succession. A love triangle complicates an already delicate situation. 8 pages.

"Lucha Libre, Chapter 1: The Luchadores Five"
In a tough Mexicali section of LA, a group of pro-wrestling wanna-be's face off against their rivals, a troop of car stereo thieves who dress like werewolves. 12 pages.

A man with a curse looks to a idol for protection, and finds a guardian angel. They go for a walk, and every passer-by is drawn to damnation by the man, salvation by the angel. In the end, the angel gives the ultimate sacrifice to save the man, who has set the perfect trap. 10 pages.

"The Zombies That Ate the World, Chapter 6: Staring Into the Jaws of Hell"
Some zombie haters don masks and lynch the undead to try to make their world more pure. A young girl zombie get savagely beaten, and unbeknown to her mother, the father is part of the lynch mob. She hires Karl, Maggie, and the Belgian to relocate the girl, and they come into confrontation with the lynch mob. 16 pages.

A man is told to wait for his wife while she runs an errand at the bank. He fantasizes about being a gangster, the get-a-way man, when his day dream is interrupted by the real life thieves who shove a gun in his face and demand his car. 4 pages.

"Fragile, Part 7"
Alan and his Lynn are making a get-away to the town reputed to be a safe haven for zombies, when, on the desert road, they are confronted by a Black Disinfector, the elite zombie killer, when rescue comes from an unlikely source, one of the living. 9 pages.


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