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Item Details

2000 A.D. (UK) 16-A

Comic Book by Rebellion, Jun 1977

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2000 A.D. (UK) 16-A by Rebellion
2000 A.D. (UK) 16-A by Rebellion
Item Bio
Invasion - Bounty Hunter (single episode).
After having one of their supply convoys wiped out the Volgans hire the bounty hunter "Quarry" to get rid of three British Resistance leaders including Bill Savage. Savage receives a message to meet with fellow Resistance leaders Michael Rocker and James Ryan but finds upon his arrival at the meeting point that Rocker and Ryan have been killed. Quarry now has his sights set on Savage but Bill is a wily old "Mad Dog" and tricks Quarry into driving off a cliff - Bill Savage remains a stubborn thorn in the Volgan invaders side.

Flesh - Flesh Book I. Episode 16.
Earl Reagan has decided it’s time to meet his nemesis Old One Eye one-on-one to finish the war with the dinosaurs once and for all. He gets the opportunity to drive his electric goad into her brain but Old One Eye is too quick and tosses Reagan into her jaws. Just as she’s about to crush the life out of Reagan the Controller, in a fleshdozer, attacks Old One Eye causing her to drop Reagan into the web of a giant spider. As Old One Eye snatches the Controller up, Reagan is injected with venom by one of the giant spiders - Old One Eye roars in victory!

Harlem Heroes - Harlem Heroes: Episode 16.
The Harlem Heroes have made it to the third round of the World Aeroball Championships and their next opponents are Gordon’s Gargoyles, a team of androids pieced together by computronic surgeons. While the Heroes practice for the upcoming match the cyborg Artie Gruber is having some plastic surgery done in a Mega City lab. He’s been made to look like the captain of Gordon’s Gargoyles and infiltrates the team to give the Harlem Heroes an unpleasant surprise in their next match.

Dan Dare - Hollow World: Part 5
Dan Dare, Rok and captain O’Grady have been captured by Mekon’s Skash warriors and taken inside a hollow planet orbiting within a giant star. In front of Mekon, Dan Dare is subjected to an interrogation performed by "The Blob" that sucks memories from the mind. The interrogation reveals to Mekon that this is the same Dan Dare that thwarted his plans over 100 years before so decides to give him death at the hands of the slow flesh eating ‘Margoz’.

M.A.C.H.1 – Capitol (single episode)
While investigating the disappearance of a U.S. military aircraft in the area of the "Devils Triangle", the aircraft John Probe is traveling in spots what looks like Washington’s Capitol Building coming out of the water. Probe is captured after a magnified electron beam fired from the building brings down his aircraft and kills all others on board. The ‘Capitol Building’ is the secret base for former Head of U.S. Weapons Research, Professor Adolf Kemper. Kemper is interested in the technology contained within John Probe but the MACH man seizes an opportunity to use Kemper’s Electron Lance against him and reduces the tyrant to nothing more than a pile of molecules.

Judge Dredd – Robot Wars: Part 7.
Call-Me-Kenneth and his heavy Metal Kids are smashing their way towards the Grand Hall of Justice in an effort to wipe out the home of law and order in Mega City 1. Meanwhile, Judge Dredd and his small band of loyal robots have made their way to the floating Strato-Station that controls the weather for the city. They take over the weather station and by rigging the main computer through Walter the Wobots circuits, Dredd is able to initiate an electrical storm over Mega City 1 – something that hasn’t happened in over 80 years. The lightning strikes the insurgent robots below and seemingly ends the war. However, the body of the robot leader Call-Me-Kenneth cannot be found and Dredd fears a final showdown is still to come.
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