Street Fighter (2003) 6-A

Comic Book by Udon, Feb 01 2004
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Street Fighter (2003) 6-A by Udon
Street Fighter (2003) 6-A by Udon


Cover Price:$2.95
Publish Date:FEB 01 2004
Sale Date:MAR 17 2004
Caption:Arnold Tsang Cover


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"The Beginning"

In this blisteringly action-packed issue, Ryu finally faces Gouken's murderer, Akuma, in battle and soon discovers a side of himself that his Master had always feared would one day awaken. Ryu's goal to avenge his master is finally within his grasp, but how can he hope to defeat a seemingly invincible monster without becoming a monster himself? Through the battle, Ryu learns much about himself and must decide what price he is willing to pay to have his vengeance.

Meanwhile, Chun-Li and Guile, still recuperating from their fight with Bison, must decide how to respond to the shocking facts that the battle left them pondering, while Ken receives a life-altering revelation of his own that forces him to reevaluate his life. Whatever the outcomes of Chun-Li, Guile, Ken and Ryu's plights, there are only two certainties that each of their paths are leading them to the upcoming Street Fighter Tournament and that they've only just begun their journeys.


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