Red Sonja (2005) 17-E

Comic Book by Dynamite Entertainment, Jan 01 2006
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Red Sonja (2005) 17-E by Dynamite Entertainment
Red Sonja (2005) 17-E by Dynamite Entertainment


Cover Price:$.00
Publish Date:JAN 01 2006
Sale Date:DEC 20 2006
Caption:Paul Renaud 1:15 Sketch Cover

Item Biography

"The Return of Kulan Gath, Part 6: The Fall"
We see in flashback of an ancient Golden Kingdom that fell due to the wayward power lust of Kulan Gath, and how the Goddess imprisoned him in another dimension for his crime. Back in the present, the siege of Borat-Na Fori's fortress takes place. Red Sonja and Suumaro are joined by Kaleval, while Osin and Blyke try to fight off the Hunter. Osin loses a hand to Hunter's blade, while Borat-Na Fori tears out Kaleval's still-beating heart. Sonja comes from behind and uses her mystic blade to end Na Fori's threat forever. The ensuing release of energies is what Kulan Gath was waiting for to shatter his prison, and he returns triumphantly. Na Fori's fortress falls in fiery ruin, and our heroes scramble to make their escape.


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