Cracked Collector's Edition 103-A

Magazine by Globe Communications Corp., Jul 01 1995
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Cracked Collector's Edition 103-A by Globe Communications Corp.
Cracked Collector's Edition 103-A by Globe Communications Corp.


Cover Price:$2.95
Publish Date:JUL 01 1995
Caption:Gatefold Cover

Story Arcs

No Story Arcs

Item Biography

"Star Drek: Voyeur"
A Star Trek: Voyager parody

"Beam Us Up, Scotty"
A one-page parody of the original Star Trek crew.

"Star Wreck: Deeply Spaced Out Nine"
Parody of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

"Star Trek Funnies"

"Star Wreck: The Next Degeneration"
A Star Trek: The Next Generation parody.

"Star Drek: The Next Generation"
A one-page parody of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

"Star Drek V: The Finite Frontier"
A parody of the movie Star Trek V.

"Earthling Zoo"

"One Day in the Department Store"

"Unknown Facts About the California Raisins"


"Cracked's Little Known Trivia Facts"

"Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Toons"

"A Cracked Look at a College Campus"

"Cracked Senator of the Year"

"Talking Computer Devices of Tomorrow"

"Cracked Survival Primer"

"Progress of a Cracked Technophile!"


"Cracked Interviews the Skateboard King"

"Baby One-Shots"

"Don't Even Start!!"

"The Arsenico Gall Show"

"Star Drek: Voyajerk Game"

"Landing on Mars"


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