Vampirella 9-A

Magazine by Warren, Jan 01 1971
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Vampirella 9-A by Warren
Vampirella 9-A by Warren


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Publish Date:JAN 01 1971


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A four panel narration on the fall of Adam & Eve.

"The Testing"

Vampirella searches for a copy of the Crimson Chronicles, so she can make more of her life-sustaining elixir; theVan Helsing's close in on their prey.

"Monster Bait"

A viking saves a beautiful girl from a dragon, but soon wishes he hadn't.

"Fate's Cold Finger!"

Frank Williams, jilted by the love of his life, wants to commit suicide. Unfortunately, Fate will not allow him to succeed.

"The Curse"

Young Zorg turns to beautiful Zara to find his lost memory and restore his appearance. Zara tells him that she can help him, but demands his help in killing a witch.

"Jack the Ripper Strikes Again"

Investigators John Brenner and Alfred Marsh learn that catching a serial killer is difficult, when no one wants to volunteer any information.

"The Boy Who Loved Trees"

Eddie Barrett is befriended by dryads, and learns what true friendship means.

"The Work Orders for the Day!"

Discover what happens, when the repetitive nature of man is interrupted.


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