52 REVIEW - Messy
Review for Justice League (2011) 1-H

Comic Book by DC, Oct 01 2011
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October 12, 2011

52 REVIEW - Messy

So this is the one comic that was supposed to introduce us to the new DCU. It turned out it has the same feel as Flashpoint #5. The WTF is going on feel.... Besides that it's not really a Justice League comic- is it? It's a Batman and Green Lantern team-up comic, with a Superman appearance at the end. And speaking of Superman at the end - yawn- another Batman v. Superman fight coming....

I feel that if this is the story that DC wanted to tell to start the new DCU, I think it would be better told in Action or Detective Comics. Those two titles are DC. They are historic titles, why not have an historic restart begin in them?

This book is also not very new reader friendly. I can't see why DC would pick this book as the book that draws in new readers and keeps them. Look at the three main characters introduced here. They don't really come across as interesting. Why would a new reader really care about Batman or Green Lantern?

Also, since this is the first new 52 comic, I'll make this complaint here. JL #1 takes place five years ago, and all of the following #1's take place at different starting points. It's so confusing at times. I can't imagine what a continuity obsessed comic nerd must be thinking right now about this mess.

Finally, Jim Lee's art seemed to have never left the 1990's. I know it's good at times, but the faces all sort of seem to have the same generic look (Rob liefeld anyone?).

All in all - a sad introduction to the new DCU, and a bad messy Justice League story - 2/5.


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