A Gorgeous Comic
Review for Magdalena (2010) 7-B

Comic Book by Top Cow, Jun 01 2011
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July 08, 2011

A Gorgeous Comic

A Gorgeous Comic This is a gorgeous comic to behold. Keu Cha is an amazing artists. His compositions are exquisitely executed giving it a realistic sensation reminiscent of Alex Ross' work.

There are serious theological issues wrapped in every issue of this comic series: the basic one is expressed eloquently by Cardinal Ferretti and Cardinal Innocent embodies it with every breath; how the church can pursue it goals no matter the means employed, a very unchristian principle.

But this is a comic after all. So lets talk about the action sequences where a vampire gets decapitated and our new Magdalena gets her initiation exercise. Anneli battles Patience the current Spear barer. Needless to say, we need to wait until issue 8 for the answer of who will be the Spear barer.

One question I have is will this artist group stay till the end of this story arc at least. its always disappointing when the publishers change artists in the middle of a story arc or short series.

This issue is a must read for long time Magdalena fans and a good starting point for new readers.


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