4 out of 6 ain't bad
Review for Kids Love Comics: Comic Book Diner Special Edition nn-A

Comic Book by Sky-Dog Press, Jan 01 2008
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June 24, 2008

4 out of 6 ain't bad

A bunch of short stories featuring Roboy, Patrick the Wolf Boy, Dreamland Chronicles, Banana Tail, Buzzboy and Tbyrd Fearlessness. I was already familiar with all but Tbyrd and, as usual, enjoyed Roboy, Wolf Boy, Banana and Buzzboy. Those are very good, all-ages characters with a lot of love put in by their creators. Dreamland Chronicles is okay, but falls into that fantasy genre that I can never get into. And then there's Tbyrd Fearlessness, which just came off as obnoxious and unfunny. It gave me that same Ugh Factor that kicks in when my 9-year-old cousin turns on the Disney Channel.


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