And They Call It Spandex Love
Review for Ms. Marvel (2006) 47-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Jan 01 2010
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February 23, 2010

And They Call It Spandex Love

So Ms. Marvel found herself in a spot of bother and made a deal that she would like some one to shoot her in the face for making. With all the drama of "The War of the Marvels" over Ms. Marvel now has to pony up and go on a date with everyones favorite wall crawler.

What we get here is a good distraction from the norm and we learn a few things about Ms. Marvel that we didn't before. Mostly that she like Spider-Man loves a good chili dog.

Solid art like always and a good little story and bonding moment between Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man.


I loved this issue. I picked it up because I also have the Ms.Marvel Annual that preceeded this story. Fun read for sure.

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