Welcome to the 90's Re-Evolution!
Review for Spawn 220-C

Comic Book by Image, Jun 01 2012
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June 11, 2012

Welcome to the 90's Re-Evolution!

It's extremely hard to come to terms with the fact that SPAWN #220 represents the 20th Anniversary of SPAWN.

I know, right?

Whether you were one of those guys who remembers standing in line to get an autograph from a man named "AL SIMMONS" or remember the SPAWNMOBILE funny car, SPAWN #220 is one of those anniversaries that make you feel...well, old. Not even the heralded return of VALIANT COMICS last month was as painful as coming to the realization that for the last 20 years we've been giving money to Todd McFarlane for eye candy since the year of our Lord 1992.

And thus we've come full circle with this issue in which Spawn creator Todd McFarlane returns to his flagship title as both writer and cover artist. Now let's be honest, McFarlane is no Stephen King...or even a Paul Jenkins for that matter. To be fair, I think McFarlane's best stories came when he allowed OTHERS to write issues of his book and dodged lawsuits like NEO from the MATRIX (i.e. Neil Gaimen, Frank Miller, Alan Moore, etc) however, this has been a consistantly great title to simply LOOK at. For the last several months, there has been no AL SIMMONS. In fact, SPAWN has been revealed it seems as a legacy character...with others picking up the mantle when another throws it down or throws down his life. SPAWN #220 does a decent job of giving readers that might have dropped SPAWN after...oh..issue #50 a reason to pick up this book again. Whether out of morbid curiousity or simple collectibility, I think SPAWN #220 will be remembered as a good move in the halls of Image for this title...a move that was MUCH NEEDED. And I'll leave it at that.

Besides, you can't NOT love the variant covers to this book...homage's to classic covers of IMAGE BOOKS such as SAVAGE DRAGON and YOUNGBLOOD #1. Although you might not love the secondary price you might have to pay, I would think that the higher 1:25 incentives or above are safe investment pieces in a couple weeks when the hype's died down a bit. But worth considering looking to see if your LCS slides them at a discount should they have ordered enough to meet the incentive.

I suggest this book is worth a second look since there's a good chance it's at least gonna catch your eye with the snazzy McFarlane covers.

I say buy.


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